Sunday, September 05, 2010

Garage Sell Nets $81

Selling stuff, some my neighbor donated that was headed to Goodwill, and some homemade cat toys, some surplus garden things I never used, netted me a good time and $81, which will go on the credit card bill incurred for Hairy's antibiotic shot.

I had a relaxing time talking and joking with people. There was very little traffic most of the time. Very little foot traffic by that parking lot all day. Might have been because it's a Sunday or because it's a holiday weekend.

But, I got it together and got over there. I pushed those rescued kittens, too, looking for homes. I had someone call possibly interested in Echo and Fantasia, but they have not called back. I get wound up excited if I have a potential adoptor but I don't count on it anymore, because I've learned most are shopping around and most will not call back. I had high hopes, however.

It's tough but I keep trying and will keep trying. Zach is such a wonderful cat, if people could just meet him. He's got charisma. He just loves being loved and will follow you around like a dog, would be such a great companion to someone who might be lonely. He refuses to go out into the cat yard even and would be just fine with a disbaled person in a small apartment even. Well, I'll keep at it. I know there is someone out there who would adore Zach. Who wouldn't?

My most adoptable cats are the kittens: Echo, Fantasia, Peko, Nemo, Starry, Slurpy, Machi and Brutus, although Brutus has not quite made weight for neuter. The family who indicated they'd wait for Peko to clear of ringworm changed their mind (husband veto) but now I have someone waiting for Machi, and if they don't pan out, my friends who adopted Machi's sisters, might have someone in mind. So there's hope for Machi's adoption. I can't find any green glow ringworm, except the one spot on Machi's upper lip and that's good news. I continue the bathing and treatment with topical antifungals on all, just as preventive.

Besides the kittens, Zach is my most adoptable adult. Besides him, Poppy and Tugs are highly adoptable. Matilda also, given time to adjust. Teddy is highly adoptable but would have to go with friends. And he loves Peko. He adores Peko. Machi and Brutus are best buddies, too, although now seperated, to try to keep Brutus free of ringworm.

I am going to take out a 30 day ad on the Oregonians' website tomorrow. I once got two kittens homes advertising there. I am focusing on Zach right now, because with the kittens, I have disclose their exposure to ringworm. There are people out there who couldn't care less. I'm one of them. But kids, kittens, older pets and older people are more susceptible.

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