Monday, September 06, 2010


Brutus is one of four kittens, born unwanted, in a boat in down town Albany to a discarded Lynx Pt. Siamese mom, Laurel, who was then fed by an old woman who moved here from New York. She had, I'm told 9 litters at least, before someone wised up and called me, so she could be caught and fixed.

The old woman kept the only Siamese looking kitten. A low income woman was brought one of the three left by the owner of the boat and she gave him away immediately, despite his tender bottle babe age, to I don't know whom. She was also brought the last two boys, both brown tabbies, and then called and asked me to take them. She lives across the street from the old woman who feeds Laurel their mom and around the block from the people who own the boat where Laurel had her kittens.

One boy has already gone to a home, but Brutus here, was a hisser spitter and had a URI. He's about up to neuter weight and now getting antifungal shampoos, in hope of keeping him fungus free.

This morning, both Nemo and Brutus got antifungal shampoos.

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