Monday, September 06, 2010

The Assholes

The asshole neighbors are parked out front of my bedroom again. No sleep tonight.

The crux of my issue with them is after the incident with them out front of my bedroom in their dark pickup in the night, when I called the police, I went and talked to them, offered them the olive branch. Said I would not call the police if they simply parked there and caused no problems, told them their behavior that night had scared me, all that. They promised to not "store" their vehicle there and that if they parked in front of my place, they would cause no worries.

Then they proceeded to take advantage of my olive branch and even stomp on it. They parked all sorts of cars in front of my place. Then that one night, there was the Jeep type thing with bad muffler coming and going, every twenty minutes or half hour, with all that noise, and the pickup, and later the two guys yelling in through my window, drunk. That's why they're assholes, because they're liars and when someone tries to make peace they stomp on that. That's how assholes behave.

They can't accomodate all their cars at their place so they park them everywhere else, and not only that, harrass the people whose houses they use for parking their excess cars with the noise of them coming and going, and even verbally when drunk. They're selfish. It's like stealing people's peace and space.

The woman was whining about not being accepted in the neighborhood and yet they have chosen to behave like little kids. It's all about them and accomodating their excessive needs with all those cars. They don't care about anyone else.

They speed down the street without regard for anything in their path.

I wish they'd move. They belong out away from other houses, with a field they can use as a parking lot.

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