Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Burn a Quran Day?

I could not care less if some church burns Qurans. Add to the pile most religious books please, like the Book of Mormon, heck add them all.

I'm not into man made religions. Sure, there are good people in some of the churches and good things are done by some churches. But many use a church as a political means or a means to promote their message or as a power pulpit to fuel a preachers desire to lead sheep down his path.

I'm not going to follow anybody. I don't have a pack or fan mentality mindset either.

I sometimes envy those who do. They bond with lots of people, but only do so when willing to take on, usually, those people's same beliefs or glorify in fan pack fashion, the same revered gods. And there are lots of revered gods in our world, some religious, some not.

I stay away from fan packs. Including political pack mentality where the leader of the pack or the pack dogma guides voting, instead of reason. Politics too is composed of religions. Oh yes, the democrats are really a church and so are the Republicans. They are also equivalent to a franchised huge revered sports team, like the Red Socks or the Yankees. All the same to me.

Going to burn Qurans? I don't care. But in doing so, you'll probably kill soldiers.

I don't like the beliefs of Islam. Especially the way they treat women in the more radical fundamentalist sects. But I don't like the way many American and worldwide religions treat women as unequals.

Would I burn books held sacred to another culture or group? No way. Never.

But many people across our globe including in Muslim countries don't care about anybody but themselves. They're burning our flag right now in Afghanistan and feel that's ok. It isn't. Burning something back is sure tempting, get back at those ungrateful shitheads for whom so many of ours have died and where so much taxpayer money has been also burned.

The shitheads and assholes in every country and culture are the loudest you see, and perpetrate the most outrageous disgusting acts. Burning American flags in Afghanistan. Burning Qurans in America. Shitheads and assholes do such things. And there are plenty of shitheads, illiterates, and assholes in every country of the world, in every culture and in every religion. Ignore them all if you can.

Would it do any good to get back by burning Qurans? No. That's just the way it is.

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