Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Long Days and Nights. Nine Cats Fixed Today.

Adult black male, fixed today.
DSH white and black yearling male, fixed today.
DMH faded gray female, fixed today.
DMH Black tux male, fixed today, from the church colony.
DSH black teen female, fixed today.
DMH black teen female, fixed today.
DSH brown abbytabby male kitten, fixed today.
DSH abbytabby female teen, fixed today.
DLH black and white female kitten, fixed today.

I got overwhelmed again. The Scravel colony turned out bigger than I thought. I caught four kittens last night, chased skunks and left three traps set. One of those traps caught a female before the couple went to bed and shut them, to avoid skunks. I went up early this morning, set a trap at another location they feed, went on to the main colony and drop trapped three more there quickly. On the way out, I checked the trap set and had caught a big black tux male there.

In all, I took up nine cats. Five were females and four were males.

I was going to sleep at the rest area, but I got involved with a family of three and their two dogs, stranded by a broken down car. Bolts had fallen off the power steering unit and sent it through the serpentine belt. He had no tools. They were moving their daughter back to S.F. He was good at improvising.

I offered them a ride to Wilsonville to get any tools he might need, but he declined. We chatted for quite awhile as he worked, exchanged contact info in the end, as the couple and their daughter love animals. I ended up back in Wilsonville, took a walk then a short nap in the park and then the cats were done. Just south of Wilsonville, I spotted the red mini van again along the side of I5, on the bridge over the Willamette. I pulled over, depsite the danger during rush hour.

The woman hiked on the far side down to me to say they'd gotten the steering fixed and one new tire, got only half mile, and the second front tire blew, so her husband was putting on the spare and they had to return to Wilsonville for another tire. There was glass all over the road there, from some previous wreck and I worried, as I left my new found friends, that i might end up with a flat tire, too.

This evening, I got inundated. I caught another there, at the main colony a black fluffy adult. They had caught the very pregnant female who has had three litters per summer since she was abandoned tame by a neighbor and the cat who began the colony. I hope she does not have kittens by morning.

I had two calls when I got home. One was from the old woman in Lebanon and she'd caught two of the three teens left unfixed. I couldn't find her number to call her back. Over I went. I called back another Lebanon situation. I had asked them to wait for a week at least, but they had caught the "feral" mom and four kittens and had them in carriers and said they'd pooped all over themselves. Didn't sound good.

Even though I was scheduled to be out trapping the Scravel colony again, I headed off to Lebanon and picked up the old womans' three kittens. Yes, three. She's used the yank the bottle out from under the door of the trap method to target the unfixed teens and caught three, one of them already fixed. But, she wanted me to get him his shots. Then the Lebanon people arrived, meeting me with those five at the old woman's.

The cats were soaking wet inside the two carriers. They had hosed them down while inside the carriers. The adult female, a beautiful torti, was shivering violently.

I took a rabbit hutch out to the scravel colony for the black and white male, whom they will relocate to their own properly rather than feed him elsewhere now that he is fixed. I caught no more up there.

Came home and got the soaking wet mom and her four teen kittens into the bathroom with a heater on them. To my shock, I quickly discovered that poor little mom, besides crawling in fleas, shaking from being soaking wet, she is completely utterly tame. I so much want to find her somewhere to go.

I had to spray frontline on her and all four kittens they had so many fleas. It was horrible. I also treated her with Revolution. I itch to think of it.

Then another guy calls who lives on Riverside and I forgot I told him I'd help get a feral he feeds fixed. He had trapped her in the shop then set a live trap inside it. He has her latest litter in his house and her next to latest litter tamed, as late teens, who also need fixed.

So, I have the torti from there, the five from Lebanon, the three Lebanon teens and so far two from the Scravel colony. I think that's who I have. I am brain dead tired.

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