Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Old Bike Sells

I sold my old nonfunctioning classic Schwinn bike on craigslist today. And, when I found out the guy fixes, restores and then resells the bikes, I showed him the other nonfunctioning bike I had in my garage, given me in trade by an old woman, in exchange for helping her with cats. It is really nonfunctioning, but he can fix it and I told him to take it. I'm glad he recycles old bikes into something workable. I have neither the skill, the tools, nor the money to fix these bikes. Makes me happy to think they'll hit the road again.

I did wash the cobwebs off before he came for it.

An also selling at least one more dresser, because, it sits completely empty even now.

Have been in contact with my brother about the neighbor problem and he agrees, there isn't anything I can do but try to move. I looked up for rent places in Benton County all morning. However, none accepted cats and HUD. It will be very very hard.

I slept most of the day, been so worn out, over those people in the night, and the stress of dealing with it. One set of moving neighbors came late and borrowed two of my containment cages, to hold their cats while they acclimate to their new home. They love their new place, have huge trees in their backyard, and space and no nasty neighbors. They made the move to Benton County.

I wish I'd known them earlier, only got to know them a month or two ago, really like them. They teach music and are very creative types. They say they'll invite me once settled to dinner. I am excited about that.

I think there is a pattern to the number of cars coming and going, at the neighbors. I think its heavier Sunday and Monday nights. Have been too tired to really figure it out, but I'm pretty sure Sunday and MOnday nights are the worst.

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