Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Have Decided to Leave

I can't take the new neighbors. Was sound asleep when they roar up, speeding of course, and the jeep thing parks in front of my bedroom of course, roaring its engines. It's too much for me anymore. No sleep anymore with them coming and going, all their partying, whatever they do, no regard for anyone else.

I have to leave also or I will end up in jail because it is wrong what they do and so rude and mean. I won't be able to contain myself in the end, so it's better to leave since the police won't stop them. Nothing will change. They have taken over and use my place as their private parking lot. It is wrong.

They are assholes. If there is a hell, they'll be running it.

I am trying to place cats. I will put two more ads in papers tomorrow. That is, if I get any sleep tonight. I hate to move again, but it's for my own safety and so I don't end up in jail yelling at them. And I have been hauled to jail for yelling, at a river barge, so I know that happens.

I don't know what else I can do. There's nothing else I can do at this point.

I currently have facial nerve spasming on my left side. This happens when my neck nerve becomes inflamed, usually from too much heavy lifting and that's what happened in loading and unloading my car for the flea market.

I took the canopy I have. It's cheap and lightweight and I have to weight the poles or it flies off with a whiff of wind. So I had to take heavy concrete blocks and if I am tired and carrying those blocks, I hurt myself. I was tired out from staying up too late the night before, trying to rectify the OfficeMax mistake, to ready some Christmas books to sell. So I tweaked my neck nerve again. Ever since, I've been using ice packs and Aleve on it. Pain isn't fun.

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