Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hard to Think of Zach Getting a Home When.....

It is hard for me to think of adopting out an adult cat like Zach when I see a post on craigslist like I saw tonight.

Here it is:

Adult female kitty needs a new home (Albany, OR)

Date: 2010-09-10, 12:32AM PDT
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Marta is a beautiful, shy kitty. I had her for four years, and she never attempted to scratch or bite. She is wary of strangers, and doesn't like to be handled a great deal. She does like sleeping on the bed, and prefers to hang out in whatever room "her human" is in. She is very much a low-maintence, indoor cat.

Marta is a dilute tortie - very healthy, spayed, a beautiful coat, and has all her shots. She has perfect litter box habits ... has never had an accident.

I adopted Marta as a kitten, and she adapted well to my 2 other adult cats. But when her older "brother" died of cancer and I brought a new male cat into the house, she developed an intense dislike for him that spilled over to the other cat too. She was accepted into Savehaven Humane Society, and is now there awaiting her new forever home. She has never lived with dogs. I don't know how well she would adapt to moving into a household with other cats.

If you are thinking of adding a kitty to your home, please consider visiting with her at Savehaven. Thank you.

When I think of the heartlessness of what this person did to this cat, I want to cry. The cats' "adopted" brother dies of cancer. She was no doubt bonded to this other male and she began to grieve. But what does the human do? Gets another male, taht's what. Then, when she has trouble adjusting, is probably still grieving the loss of her friend, the woman dumps her, instead of rehoming the new male and giving her extra love. She then takes her to a shelter to sit in a cage. She will have issues forever most likely, unless she gets a really decent adoptor.

This goes on all the time. You see ads like "We got a dog and need to rehome our 10 year old cat because the dog is trying to eat him." Idiot. Get rid of the dog.

Usually the cats don't get decent people adopting them who have any empathy and can understand what they've been through and what it does to them. And often they end up dumped again or handed off over and over or worse.

Stupid fuck people, just makes me even more nervous about adopting out precious lives.

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