Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Kitten Photo Updates

Beautiful Starry, from N. Albany.
Starry again.
Peko, with ringworm in tow.
Nemo, who likes my trendy trap bed.
Nemo took over the trap bed from Buffy. Before that, Gretal had dibs on the trap bed.
Machi, taken shortly after he was returned. He now has one spot of ringworm on his upper lip.
The athletic sisters Echo and Fantasia exhibit their superior athletic and acrobatic skills, to the envy of all the other kittens, at least for the length of kitten attention spans.
The sisters also fight, as all sisters do.
Fantasia now.
Echo now.

Nemo has absolutely no signs of ringworm and neither do Starry, Echo or Fantasia. However, Machi has one tiny spot. Because of Peko getting a small spot, followed by Machi, the two kittens who were adopted out to that coast woman who returned them, after finding the one spot on Peko, I don't know what to do about adoptions. I can't guarantee any of them won't get it and won't be able to guarantee that ever. Kittens get things. We live in Oregon. Ringworm is one of those possibilities. I can't decide what to do. I don't want to jeopardize their lives by adopting them to someone who would freak out if one got a spot. Well, I'll just keep bathing them twice weekly. And see what happens I guess.

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