Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Hairy is very ill with a severe URI. He is currently in a rabbit hutch in my garage. Poor fellow has gone through way too much. He was trapped by a woman out on Country Club Drive because he was fighting her cats for food. He is thin as thin can be.

I'm trying to figure out who he is and where he comes from. He was desperate for food, that's for sure, which earned him a trip to Heartland where his life would have ended had it not been for that eartip he sported.

He's been on his own, without anyone feeding him much of anything, for some time. I don't know of any colonies in that area. I've not trapped any cats in that area for ages on end. The last time I trapped anywhere near there was at a place just off 53rd, woman feeding strays, didn't even have her own cats fixed, lazy as sin, to boot. That was years ago.

I got a bunch fixed, then a cat hater moved into the neighborhood and they began arriving in traps at Heartland, including collared neighbor's owned cats, also targeted by resident area cat hater/control freak.

I used the opportunity to relocate those ferals but to nowhere around here. Too many predators. Otherwise, they would end up dead.

None were long hair black males. I checked my records.

However, I relocated a long hair black male from Division street, just a teenager then, to a rural residence before I found out about the insane noise that goes on around them, in the form of canal boat races, and they build the canals in a farm field just off I5, suck water out of local wells to fill them, then create the most hideious noise you could imagine for a weekend of high speed high noise boat racing. This rural dead road is occupied by only a handful of houses, but the field is owned by some farmer with pull who got permits to inflict this atrocity on the elderly neighbors. And their animals.

It would not surprise me if this cat is the 08 teen I relocated to that hideous rural location before I knew the truth of what goes on, on that road. I would not wish living there on a grasshopper now. The Division street apartment manager had gotten animal control to come start killing the cats (trapping, taking to Heartland) I had gotten fixed. Seven were taken there before I found out and redeemed the last two, both boys, before they were killed. Heartland called me on those two.

Some tenant fed them, and insisted Heartland doesn't kill ferals so it was great animal control was taking these cats, the direct result of her feeding unfixed strays, to Heartland. I told her to call them, ask them, they'll tell her, a feral taken there is a dead feral. I was frustrated by this woman for years. She would also feed raccoons on a second story fire escape, which is dangerous behavior.

Stranger things have occurred, if this cat here now is the Division street boy, who ultimately went to a rural home south of Tangent. How he got across the river, don't know, if it's him, but, like I said, stranger things have occurred.

But the more likely scenario is that this is a cat trapped and taken to be fixed at an FCCO clinic by someone living at nearby apartments who then up and moved leaving him and maybe others, to fend for themselves.

People do this every day. It's tragic and terrible for the cats. People do it to tame cats, to kittens and to ferals they've fed. They move and leave them.

It's wrong.

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