Thursday, September 09, 2010

Donated Pants FIT!!!

My Corvallis friends left some clothes they had extra at my back door today. It was a nice surprise. There was also a bag of dry cat food and some canned food out there. How nice to find that! Jeanne sent some wet food, too, clear from Baltimore, that my cats gobbled instantly. Fancy Feast. They know what the box at the door means and become impatient if I tarry in opening it. Thank you Jeanne!

Jane had told me she no longer buys women's jeans because they are sized so badly. Huge butts and non fitted waists, lengths that are never right.

She went to buying men's pants, because you can buy them with waist size and inseam length to fit you, not some generic size. Low and behold, these pants fit. They don't fall off when I bend over because the waist has stretched out, or is made to sit below your waist, with hips too big so they fall off, and legs too long so they drag the ground.

You can buy jeans to fit your waist size in the men's section and a length to fit your in seam. And if you don't have a huge butt, they will fit. I have a flat butt.

Then I come to find out a lot of women have switched to men's pants for the same reason.

There are more expensive women's jeans where you can measure yourself and buy to fit your measurements. I've heard of those. I'm not sure where you'd get them if they could be found where affordable. Who cares.

Thank you Jane of Corvallis! She also included some shirts of hers she no longer wanted or wanted to share. It's a windfall.

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