Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hotter Than Blazes and I am Bored

I am bored and it's hot. Very hot.

I started a new hobby. I look up people with the same name as me and try to contact them. So far, none of them have replied.

The recliner someone gave me, years ago, already very very used, and smelled up by their cats, needed out of here. I can't get used furniture from people who have had their own animals. It begins the pee marking.

Anyhow, it is too expensive to take a big old recliner to the dump. It would not fit in my car anyhow. So, I've had to take it apart. I recycle the metal parts, give the scrap wood to someone who has a wood stove and the rest is garbage material. I'm about half done and it's a pain in the butt but has to be accomplished that way. It was a hot day to start doing that job, in my garage, yesterday. But, I had to get going on it.

I got sick to my stomach last night. Probably from eating my own vegetables. I've been eating my garden food, tomatoes, beans, onions, lettuce, kale, collards, squash, etc. I didn't plant many plants but boy have they produced.

The squash plants took over the front yard with runners. Most of the acorn squash blooms at first did not get pollinated. No bees! Several other home gardeners I talked to had the same problem and were pollinating by hand.

So I tried that but also the dahlias started blooming and so did my catnip plants, which brought in a few bees and a few bees is all it took to pollinate the rest of the squash blossoms. I already ate most of the zucchini I got from my one plant and froze the rest. Now the acorns are coming in like crazy. I'll be cooking and freezing a lot of the squash meat. I plant squash because it gives bang for the buck. You get a lot of food for very little effort and space. Course I love the yellow bush beans, too.

It's supposed to be a hundred degrees again today.

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