Saturday, August 14, 2010

Goodbye Little Tabby Boy

I got a call from a really wonderful potential adoptor, takes great care of her animals. Her own cat recently died. She came over, but Echo and Fantasia acted like brat girls confined suddenly to the spare bedroom. Feral mom, with her one hissy spitty boy, was hissing and spitting inside the rabbit hutch in the spare bedroom. Nemo and Starry were acting like their laid back super purry selves, even though Echo and Fantasia, mad about confinement in the bedroom suddenly, were growling at them and every now and then attacking them for good measure.

Boy, I thought, this doesn't look good for an adoption.

The super smart spoken for Tabitha would not leave the woman alone. Tabitha's brain power and curiosity impresses everyone. Tabitha is scheduled to leave the 19th. Slurpy, Tabitha's sister, was spayed Wednesday at the NS clinic. I had to have her spayed, because she is approaching four months of age and will go into heat. She has already started "slurping" again, which I knew would happen after spay. The vet suggested long term doxycycline treatment and so I have begun that. Three weeks, twice daily, but the vet is confident that will help. Am crossing fingers. Otherwise, she's going to end up a permanent here.

Anyhow, this woman wanted a very young kitten whom she could train to get along with her bird, who likes kittens. Even though she thought Nemo and Echo and Starry were adorable, she wanted a kitten much younger than they are, fearing they might hunt her bird.

I usually don't adopt out unfixed kittens. But when she spotted the super friendly little tabby boy, the opposing twin of his brother, the hissy spitty tabby kitten of feral Siamese mom, it was love. I knew she would get him fixed. She attempted to call her vet right from my place, to take him in right away but the office was closed.

I couldn't let this excellent home pass for this little boy, so off he went. It's a violation of my own policy, of not adopting out kittens unfixed, but rules are meant to be broken sometimes, when common sense should rule. This is a great home with a wonderful kind hearted woman and that little tabby boy, born in a boat, is lucky!

So am I. I am feeling really happy to find one kitten even, a home.

He's the one in the photo next to mom, in my last post. Now, he's moved on.

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