Sunday, August 29, 2010

Big Rallies Today I Hear

Briefly on the news tonight, not much coverage of either, two rallies in WA DC. Glenn Beck and his followers then bunch civil rights people honoring the I Have a Dream speech of Martin Luther King.

Although they represented opposing politics, the rallies were peaceful. Nice tribute to Dr. King, in that regard.

I guess the two rallies crossed paths at one point. Becks crew was yelling at the other "Go to Church" and they yelled back "Don't Drink the Tea". I couldn't stop laughing.

Glenn Beck is probably what I would call equal to the word "hate". I don't know why except he's always condemning this or that person or group. He seems about as far from a religious person as one could get, just from the noise I hear from him and about him. But I don't know him personally.

My personal thoughts are that he is breaking ground for a Mitt Romney rerun for president. They're both Mormons. The Mormons have been ratcheting up public image lately, kind of whitewashing their beliefs. Then another Mormon came on TV and says, concerning the new Mormon makeover commercials "That's not what the Mormons believe. I wish it were, but it isn't." So that's funny too.

I don't want an Iran type religious fundamentalist government in America. That's crazy.

I have no idea what Sarah Palin means when she says she wants to um, boy, I can't remember her words. They had a sound bite of that Palin sentence too on the news, take America back or something. But to what? America is better value wise than it's ever been. What should we go back to? Lynching blacks? Women without the right to vote? Um, child sweatshops? Um, prohibition? I don't what they mean when they want to get back to basic values. I think they mean vote Obama out. That's probably about it.

Yes, our government needs to get super financially efficient but they are a reflection of us and our overspending spend beyond means ways. We'd need to change to make the government change.

I also find it odd the back to values thing often means controlling women and somehow outlawing homosexuals. I also find this very funny because it was only a couple months ago that a Portland couple was outraged because footage of the woman nursing her newborn was pulled out from on file by FOXS news to use in a story about a new injection given women birthing girl babies at birth to make them "more like girls", meaning more estrogen to make them want to stay at home and take care of kids.

The Portland couple was outraged that the video of them, made for a different story, was used by Fox news in basically a homophobic story when they have gay and lesbian couple friends.

See something like that negates all the conservative rants about homosexuality being a choice. If women's behavior can be influenced with biological injections at birth, then said behavior is not choice it is biological and same with men. Duh.

I also find it outright hypocritical that they are against abortion but ok with altering who a baby is at birth.

Look no further than the pseudo estrogen containing pesticides, like atrizine, we spray liberally on fields across America to figure it out, Glenn Becheroo and crew.

Oh wait, science is sin. I forgot.

At least the rallies were peaceful. Nobody died for screaming politics today.

Me and the cats here had a catnip party tonight. Possible kitten adoptor coming tomorrow. Crossing fingers and toes.

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