Monday, August 02, 2010

Anger at Cal Vet Supply

I finally get a response. They said, while it's true the vaccines should be kept at 25 to 46 degrees, that shipping is a different matter and that they are fine to use.

I called the government agency that regulates Veterinary Biologics, as its called, and they had me look on the vial itself of one vaccine. There, it clearly stated the vaccine is to be kept at between 2 and 7 degrees C. They took the serial number and manufacturer and will get back to me if a supervisor wants to investigate it further. However, whether they do or not, as they usually only investigate licensed goods and vaccines do not require a license to sell, he told me I did the right thing, and those vaccines should not be used. I still have to find the right agency that covers shipping defective goods to file a complaint.

So cal vet contests the information on the vial itself.

I told them I want a refund. They have not responded again. I will sue them if I have to in small claims. I don't have money to waste and if they are selling vaccines, of course they need to maintain the cold chain and keep them at the temp recommended right on each vial. Or not sell them. I have kittens, the three from N. Albany, due for boosters.

If I was going to use them all immediately, I would not be concerned, because, from what I read, exposure to heat decreases their viability over time. Some vaccines will degrade when their temperature reaches 70 degrees, according to one research site I read, to ineffectiveness in about four days. If maintained at proper temp, they can be stored and be effective for years. I probably would not have used all these for at least three months.

I'm just going by what I read in research on this subject, and the temp storage on the vial itself, while the company who shipped them tells me differently. That's messed up!

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