Monday, August 02, 2010

Four Cats Caught

I shouldn't say "caught". I had thought I would trap the downtown situation but then the woman isn't answering her phone. Must have taken off for the day. Can't say I would blame her.

So, with appointments tomorrow, and my intended target colony caretaker missing in action, I headed to the rural trailer colony and set a trap, then off to the Lebanon trailer park. I did not catch orange tabby adult number three. I saw her though and she looks pregnant. Instead, I caught mom of Machi and the other three girls, now gone, whom this little mother had brought to me, when they were a month old.

Since a Eugene woman had said she wants to adopt Good Mom, I'm holding her in a trap until I find out for sure. If she has decided not to adopt her, I"ll take her back.

I took Machi out to show her. She eyed him then me. She growled softly, then sniffed his tail through the trap, then turned her eyes on me and locked in. I said, "You were such a good mother. You're such a good kitty." She watched me intently and kept me locked in her steady soft gaze. I repeated, "You're such a good mother. He's a fine kitten, strong and healthy and so were your girls."

She knew Machi and she understood the implication of me bringing him to show her. She understood fully. I had seen the realization overwhelm her body, when she realized it was her kitten I was holding up next to the trap beside her. She's a mother of course she knew it was him. Whether she'd want to interact with her kittens again, that's another thing.

A tenant went and fetched yet another unfixed tame torti and one of her three kittens. The other two went with the guy's girlfriend on a weekend trip. I wonder if they'll come back with her, if you get my drift.

I looked for the black kitten, that man had gotten from somebody handing them out free in Lebanon, but that couple were evicted and supposedly the black female kitten is now somewhere in Albany.

I nabbed the torti's third kitten, at least I think it's one of the three orange kittens the torti mom had. I had already trapped one of them, and KATA took him. He tested positive for Felk, so they are holding him to retest in a couple of months. Another of the three kittens was taken in by a trailer park resident. And this one I have, is supposed to be the third.

It's a girl, like almost all the orange ones there and has been tamed by the kids. I think the second kitten and the orange tabby adult female might be the only ones left to get fixed in the park, that is if this muted torti's other two kittens don't come back.

So I have the three from the trailer park to be fixed, plus already fixed Mom of Machi.

Then, I checked the trap at the rural trailer. Neighbors had promised to check it but had not. Inside it, was the already fixed black female kitten. I let her out and reset. I went back just now and found another adult medium hair black in the trap. No eartip. This one's a male. The trailer woman was home and wanted to show me two kittens she had inside, from her mother's place, where there are a ton more unfixed cats. Inside the trailer, was a well squashed flat mouse on the bare press board floor, what you could see of the floor that is. There is junk and trash everywhere. It isn't fit for living, I don't think. The woman is disabled, can't move much, and sure needs a caretaker to clean for her.

Anyhow, so at least I have four to go. The people moving out on this block didn't contain the young skinny orange tabby new show male. He's not fixed yet.

The woman on Lyons said the new orange tabby male, not the same one as over here, didn't show up this afternoon either. So those two slipped out of my hands. But at least I have four headed up, three of them girls, and the Mom of Machi, if the Eugene woman still wants to adopt her, which I hope she will. This has been kind of a drawn out thing, on recatching her for the possible adoption. At least now, it will be decided once and for all, which is good.

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