Saturday, July 10, 2010

Want to Be Like Baghdad? Then Fix Your Pets!

Veterinarians, better known as animal killers in this respect, and Iraqi police are killing stray dogs by the thousand, 58,000 so far. Stray populations are out of control there and packs of hungry dogs are attacking people. So veterinarians and police are shooting and poisoning them. Click post title to go to story.

Fortunately, the US isn't Iraq. We take them to shelters and kill them there, out of sight. By the millions.

This could all be prevented. Let's show we can get a handle on the problem here in the US and fix the dogs and cats. Only stupid people don't and selfish people who just don't care much. And people who lack self-control. And people who have instant gratification issues. I guess that is a lot of people, so the problem will be hard to solve here, too.

I call it the Animal Holocaust.

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