Sunday, July 11, 2010

Couch Sleeper

I fell asleep on my couch last night, at 7:00 p.m. and maybe earlier. I woke up just now, back door wide open, garage light still on. I had planned to unload my car, you see, when I zonked out and never woke til this now.

I was worn out from only 4 hours of sleep the night before, checking traps in N. Albany. I'm glad I caught those two females, but the Siamese, it turns out, had just had kittens, in the last two weeks to ten days the vet thought. I had to return her last night, though now fixed, and she had already eaten and taken water. The vet office closes early on Saturday, you see.

I trapped her just before 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning. By 8:30, she was at the clinic and spayed not long after she arrived. I would have been back by 3:00 with her, but I was sleepy and pulled into a rest area, where I immediately zonked out asleep in my car. So I didn't get her back to the colony until 6:00 p.m.

I hope her kittens survive. They usually do, if left without mom that short of a time. The young Siamese was so starved, the respite for her, getting nourishment, and rid of her parasites, probably increased chances of her kittens survival.

Is that a good thing, in this kitten overloaded area, I wonder?

I still have pretty boy, Scout I call him, one of four kittens of the torti mom, now recuperating in a trap in my bathroom, where I put her last night, when I got home, to get her out of the heat in my garage. She's eaten, done well.

I've seen two more females up there at least, whom nobody claims, who need trapped and fixed, and at least two males, then three more kittens from the torti, and possibly other kittens from the two other females I've seen. Then the Siamese's kittens, if they survive. She was so skinny. The people up there said she disappeared about two weeks ago, very pregnant. They thought she was still pregnant or that the kittens had died. But at least some survived because she is lactating. The people up there think the kittens were born two weeks ago.

UPDATE: I just returned the torti female, saw the Siamese, happy as a clam, waiting for food, whom I returned yesterday, and trapped one of two other females I'd seen, a muted calico--all in ten minutes time! Yay!

Slurpy is now spoken for. She's the torti from the Lebanon situation. It's some people I know who have been big supporters, in Corvallis. Slurpy has a home waiting. She'll be spayed Tuesday.


  1. what does the meezer look like? How old is this poor baby? (a baby gioving birth is what it seems like.) Gawd, I wish I was closer though Siamese Rescue has a group of volunteers who will pick up meezers (and others if need be) and gradually get them to where they need to be. There is also a truck driver I have heard of who picks up cats and transports them across the US. (One would have to find another way to get to Canada - Jimmy someone. He had a group on egroups (now Yahoo Groups for a time and travels with his own cat).

    Hope all is well and good for Ginger that she has a good home!! Good luck Ginger!