Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tabitha Returning

Tabitha, Slurpy's sister, is returning to me. Heartland says she came down with a cold again, just slight, so has been in isolation. Since they are also inundated in kittens, I am going to go get her.

I have seven females, five of them from Albany and two from Tangent, lined up to be fixed tomorrow. Can you believe that, seven more females, all in reproductive state? Only one of them has a litter, however.

Two are from low income people struggling, in N. Albany. They had trapped a male themselves and got him fixed through Poppa at Countryside. Then I took in a female to be fixed for them. They had another mother, whose kittens they had just given away in front of Bimart. They were given my number by someone going into Bimart and called.

That female could not be fixed at the time I took in the other because she had developed mastitis and the other female was in the process of giving birth. However, all six of her babies were born dead and deformed. I warned them this might be a sign they have Felk but they do not have the money to have them tested, so the only thing to do is get them fixed at least. However, it may also be the result of severe inbreeding or because they are severely roundworm infested. We'll hope for the best but at least they will be fixed.

The other three were kittens born to the feral torti N. Albany mom, now young adults, taken in by a resident up there. They have not been allowed outside, to become impregnated but it's getting harder to keep them from slipping out. The family has kids and two fixed male cats. They too are struggling since the husband was laid off.

And the last two females live on the edge of a grass seed farm belonging to a farm worker in rural Linn. One of those two is pregnant and the other has kittens. Both will be fixed.

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