Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Should have Recuperated Them Myself

The dog breeder people let out the adult female, who was pregnant at spay, and a tiny girl kitten last night, shortly after I returned them. I was furious to hear that. She tried to tell me I told her it would be ok, but I held my ground, because I did not tell them that.

I could not get ahold of them today, about picking up my traps. I finally went out anyway, mid afternoon. No answer. After repeated pounding on the door, the young son finally answered. He's about 20 and was still asleep. Can you believe that?

I made him at least clean a couple of the traps of dirty paper. Normal people, grateful for free help, would have had the traps clean and the cage covers washed.

I am not happy with these folks and will supply them no help in cleaning up their dog breeding aftermath. I should have recuperated the cats myself. She said the little kitten didn't want to leave the carrier so she removed the top of the carrier to get her out. I cannot believe such lack of empathy and understanding or heart. That's terrible. But to lie about it, that's lousy.

I had a terrible experience trusting a SW Albany woman once, to pick up the ferals I'd helped her trap, to transport back to her place to recupe then release. She confessed to me almost a year later, that she picked them up, then drove to N. Albany, and dumped two of them out along the road, still very groggy from anesthesia. They could not even run off.

I wanted to kill her. She's a loud mouth Christian woman who flies a flag constantly. I can't even think of it to this day without wanting to sob then to go over there and beat the crap out of her.

What an awful awful awful monster of a woman. I'll never forget those poor cats, just teenagers. Even though it was months later, when she told me, I frantically drove out to N. Albany, although she would not tell me the location, said she didn't remember exactly, searching and searching, in the dark, crying as I did.

She told me what she'd done to hurt me. I was in the neighborhood again, trapping strays. She went out of her way to walk two blocks to my car to tell me. I demanded money from her, that she pay back Poppa Inc. for the fixes and me for my time. She just laughed.

I hate that bitches guts. I wish I knew which church she goes to. I'd go. I'd stand up in the middle of the service and loudly proclaim the story of two teen strays who trusted the woman who fed them and of a monster in their midst and what she did to them.

Because the dog breeder lied to me, I fear what she really did with those cats. Never again will I trust a stranger, especially a breeder. They do not value life.

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