Thursday, July 15, 2010

Robinhood's at Heartland

In early summer 2008, the City of Albany called me, after complaints were filed about a duplex on Waverly and cat issues there. I stopped by. It was a man I knew living there, with two people I didn't know. I'd met the man at Camp Boondoggle, when the City of Albany requested I help get over 3 dozen cats out of there, when they took over the camp after buying the property from the city of Millersburg, to create a park of it. This guy had lived homeless in that camp and had unfixed cats there.

Well this time, he had a cat on a chain. He got the cat at Safehaven, poor thing, and he and the other two people living there, in basically filth they had created were being evicted. They had another cat with kittens. All were crawling in fleas. I took in the kittens, and later got many many threatening calls from the woman, claiming she never turned over the kittens to me. In fact, she'd begged me to take them. I also got her female fixed.

But there was another cat they fed outside, who already had a right ear tip. I named him Robinhood and brought him home. He was adopted by a Philomath family. The woman is an animal lover who actually works at the vet college.

I was at Heartland today, to pick up Tabitha, and spotted Robinhood. I stared at him and said "I know that cat." And I did. It was Robinhood, from Waverly, dumped first by someone else, then fed by these homeless folks, who were evicted shortly after I took the kittens and Robinhood out, and got that mother fixed.

UPDATE: I reached the woman who adopted him and she is going to go pick him up. She was astounded someone took him there, as a stray. I suggested a collar.

He was brought in by someone in the neighbhorhood who claimed he'd been living as a stray for two years, when in fact, he was an outdoor cat and I cannot imagine that family abandoning him. The woman is such an animal lover. I left her messages that Robinhood needs sprung from a cage at Heartland. I hope she still lives there.

Tabitha is back here now. The reunion with Slurpy was less than spectacular. Slurpy hissed at her sister.

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