Saturday, July 24, 2010

Goodbye Tabitha. Sort of.

The other family, who had also been interested in Wild Willy and Chaos, also came over and put a hold on Tabitha. Tabitha is a great fit for them. They are leaving on vacation but will pick her up mid August. They paid the adoption fee and signed the application. It's a great home, perfect fit for her, I think.

Slurpy too is spoken for, after she gets fixed, which happens once she's well over her cold.

That leaves me the three N. Albany kittens, still sick but much better and eating like there's no tomorrow; Machi from Lebanon; and Meesa's two girls, Echo and Fantasia. Fantasia is becoming very cuddley lately.

Machi, Echo and Fantasia are not fixed yet. Willy and Chaos grew quicker and made the two pound weight grade to be fixed last Tuesday. The girls are very close and Machi is now at two pounds. There was someone interested in Machi who will be back the first of August. Sounded like a great match if she gets back and still is interested.

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