Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So Hungry

It's been only a little over a day since I ate last. 7:00 p.m. Monday night. I had some cereal. Nothing after that, because today I was supposed to eat nothing and I haven't. But oh my gosh, my stomach is growling like a cat fight. The rescued kittens here stare at my stomach, then run.

I am dreaming of all sorts of food I haven't eaten forever. Right now, I'm thinking an entire pizza sounds nice. Fajitas! Tacos! Avocado sandwich with tomato, onion, kale and cheese with Dijon mustard! Yumyumyum!

Leek and potato soup! Yes! My own creation of course.

No, no. Pasta, mixed with freshly grated parmeson and pesto, made out of basil from my garden. Tossed in: lightly sauteed vegees. Served hot. Or cold. Don't care right now!

Or, blueberries. An entire bucket. I think Blueberry Meadows is open for picking now. I have ripe Sungold cherry tomatos on the vine growing in a container in my driveway! I want to pop one in my mouth and bite down! Right now.

I purchased a portabella mushroom at the store a month ago and stuffed it and baked it. It was bland and uninteresting to the taste. I wonder what I did wrong.

Oysters! I love them. Ok, halibut, fresh, lemon and pepper seasoned, sprig of parsley, baked, not fried. Shrimp, just off the boats, cooked, dip in shrimp sauce or butter. Real butter.

Corn on the cob! Oh, stop! Stop!

As for my electrical issues, I will get a book and read up on household wiring, then do my best to track down and solve the problem myself.

I will cut back on electric use too, to save money. The dryer, the frig and the hot water heater suck the most. I can hang cage cover towels for now, even over doors, although this makes my clothes to stiff and hard, so they will still get the dryer.

I wonder how much running that frig costs a day. I wonder if it would actually be cheaper to use an ice chest. I bet I could really insulate an ice chest to keep in cold so the ice wouldn't melt too fast. Or, I could just eat no refrigeration foods like nuts. I like nuts anyhow, so big deal, eh?

Also, I guess I need to learn how to completely repair anything that could go wrong with my car, so I'll be ahead when it does go wrong. I am not looking forward to this last one. I do not like working on cars. I have done so, out of necessity, but I don't like it.

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