Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Over

The butt scoping is over. Am glad. Loved the anesthesia, as always. Got a nice nap. Came home, and started pulling every ripe sungold cherry tomato out there off and eating them. They are sooo good! It's why I got two of that variety. I got them way too early. They were tiny plants and sickly looking and then the spring weather turned to more like deep winter weather. So I hauled them in and out of my garage to protect them. Now they're about four feet tall with lots of fruit coming in.

What else did I get from the garden I never really planted? Mustard spinach. Lots of that. A few potatos from old potatos I tossed on the compost pile that sprouted and produced anyhow. Zucchini. Lots of that. Basil. Lots of that, good for pesto or salad seasoning. I haven't dried any yet. I let it go to seed last year so now it's growing like a weed around here.

Pod peas, which are done now. Beans are coming on, late, very late. I've got lettuce, Kale and Collards ready for eating, too. And I'm letting my catnip go to seed. I thought about collecting the seed and pressing it into oil, but I'd have to rig a press and I don't know how much seed I'd need to get how much oil. I might try doing it, for the hell of it.

I never really planted much this year, due to the severity of spring weather. But I've had good yield from what I did plant.

I have taken to replanting green onions, even store bought ones, then reharvesting. That is a money saver. Do with it with leeks now too.

The butt scoping is over. Had nothing inside my colon except one small polyp that will be biopsied. The doctor thought it would be nothing.

I think my bowel issues are a combo of adhesions and lactose intolerance. Cheese hurts my gut badly. My gut does not like cheese but my mouth does and my brain gets weak sometimes. Note to self: cheese is bad. Cheese maka me sicka. I don't drink cows milk. I like it but it makes me sick almost immediately. I weaken sometimes and get ice cream. And of course cheese is like a ton of milk condensed up, and that is really really bad for my gut. Even chocolate is mostly milk these days. It is cheaper to peddle chocolate by diluting it with milk and lots of sugar. But, it also dilutes the flavor.

My brother might come up Friday to try to fix the electrical. But, if I am able to fix it before then, I'll call him and say "you need not make the trip" and it is a long trip for him.

There's a tool I'll get he told me about. Checks for electricity in a wire without poking into the wire. You just pass it over the wire and by induction, a light goes on or doesn't, to tell you if there's current in the wire. Doesn't tell you how much but it should be fairly cheap and very useful. He wants me to replace all the breakers and that is likely the problem. I am slightly nervous about doing so, given the problem with the stove being on when the main is shut off. That shouldn't be. I just won't touch bare wires. My brother bragged he changes breakers hot but I won't do that. I am more cautious in many ways.

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