Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Photos of Some of the Nine Cats Fixed Tuesday

Big Gray tux male, fixed from the Tennessee Road situation.
This is the kitten they found in the road, along with his mom, not long, they thought, after both were dumped. However, the mother was hit and killed.
Blue female, pregnant at spay today, mother of the black female kitten also fixed today.
Beat up black tux short hair male, from Tennessee road situation, fixed today.
The black female kitten, apparently the only survivor of the blue female's latest litter. She was pregnant again and the clinic said, by the looks of her uterus, she's pumped out litters for years.
This is the black female kitten, fixed today, from the rural trailer colony.

The other three fixed today were the black tux long hair male kitten, from the N. Albany colony, his sister, a short hair torti, then the Siamese male, abandoned by a tenant at an Albany complex. I didn't get a photo of him.

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