Friday, July 16, 2010

Seven Females Fixed Today

Today was a good day in the fight against feline overpopulation and its resultant suffering. Seven females were fixed. Five were from Albany. Two were from rural Tangent area.

The Tangent females were sisters. One was pregnant and the other has five five-week-old kittens. Three of the Albany cats are former kittens of the feral mom I caught and took in from the N. Albany situation. They are last summer's litter form the adult torti, three of whose latest litter are in my bathroom now, already fixed, but so skinny I fear for the life of the fourth kitten, who has not been seen.

The family who took them in did not allow them outside, which was hard because they have been in and out of heat a few times. They could not afford to get them fixed so acted responsibly. If only others would behave in such manner.

The other females are from the other N. Albany situation, where someone who saw them handing out kittens at Bimart in Albany gave them my number. The mother of those Bimart handed out kittens was fixed today and so was a torti whose kittens were born dead and deformed. In breeding has been a huge issue there as is evident by the ever growing number of toes on the front feet of these polydactyl cats. Polydactylism is just another way to say "inbred".

I just got back, totally exhausted, from returning all seven females. These seven females along could have reproduced ten more kittens each this summer in two more litters. 70 more kittens if allowed to breed. Just this summer! So today was a victory for cats. Today was a skirmish won.

The thrown out kittens in Lebanon went to Spay Inc., thankfully. What a relief to me.

When I got back from taking up the girls, there was a message on my machine from one of the N. Albany woman helping catch the cats up there. She'd caught a raccoon and she said it was snarling at her and she was afraid to try to let it out and to call her. She had to go to work. I called her at work, then went up and released the raccoon, who just wanted out very badly.

She says there is yet another adult female, who comes up the hill, from the grass seed farm, who needs caught. I advised her to start feeding them out back on a table with metal legs, so the raccoons cannot get into the trap, then, once they're back to eating there, to accustomize them to the trap and try again, with it on the table this time, safe from raccoons. If the fourth kitten isn't caught, he will die and he may already be dead. The three other kittens are taming quickly but so very very skinny, it's terrible to think of what fate they would have met.

But what is my fate, with so many kittens here, needing homes? Heartland told me their adoptions are terribly slow. Everyone's are. It's bad.

Robinhood at least went home. The woman was shocked that a next door neighbor had taken him in, even though she knew he was owned. That's neighbor wars I guess, a passive aggressive behavior exhibition. I hope they work things out.

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