Saturday, July 17, 2010

Peko, Nemo and Starry. I finally settle on names.

Starry, one of the three kittens from N. Albany.
Peko, from N. Albany.
Below are photos of the seven females fixed yesterday:One of three adult tame house cats, from kittens from the feral torti, fixed yesterday.
Another of the feral torti's taken in kittens, now an adult house cat, fixed yesterday.
And the last tame house girl, fixed yesterday, born to the feral torti.
This orange female, with 7 or more toes on each front foot, is also from N. Albany, but a different location. Highly inbred cat, let me tell you.
Autumn, the torti, also inbred, with severe polydactylism, from N. Albany, was also fixed yesterday. She recently lost all her kittens, I was told, when they were born too early and deformed.

Trouble, tabby on white female from farm country, who has five kittens, four boys and a girl, but at least she is now fixed.
Precious, from farm country, who was pregnant at spay.

I have named the three N. Albany kittens Peko, Nemo and Starry. Finally.

The four Albany kittens, I just can't settle on names. Captain Phil is too cumbersome and so is Barefoot Bandit. Echo is a good name for the tabby on white girl but Whirlycurly is not a good name for the black and white girl with the curled over tail.

Machi, Slurpy and Tabitha, those are fine names for the other three here. I have ten kittens here, am not hearing from the woman who was going to take Slurpy whom I hoped would also take Tabitha. Too many kittens. Meant to return Meesa yesterday then was too drop dead tired. Meesa is the feral calico mom of the four Albany kittens. She's been here awhile.

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