Friday, July 23, 2010

My Lucky Day

I think yesterday was probably my luckiest day yet. I'm still alive, after messing in a curcuit breaker box, worn out and frustrated, without bothering to read up on the dangers first.

And I survived. Lucky! So today, I bought a lottery ticket. Maybe my luck is changing!

A normal person would think "You know, even though the power's off to the house, it's still coming into the house from the pole. No way to shut that off." And I would have thought of that obvious fact, had I not been so dog dead tired and frustrated. It didn't even cross my mind. All it takes is a slip and a metal screwdriver hitting those "power in" lines and boom, lights out.

I'm an electrical being. My whole body runs on electrical current. A big old outside driven sudden force of current overwhelms my circuits and fries me! That's not funny and it happens to lots of careless people, to birds who perch on the wrong lines and to some people who just get struck out of the blue and also to those on death row in states who kill by fry jobs, if there are any who still do that.

I have two families--TWO!--interested in Wild Willy and Chaos. Yeah!!!!!!!

They both sound really super wonderful, too. My luck might be changing.

You never know what's around the next corner on the windy curvy road of life. You just never know.

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