Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Young Mom Fixed Today

This is the young brown tabby female, mom of four, originally. She was fixed today while traps were set to catch her kittens. I'd never seen her kittens. But this evening, one was in the trap. I set another trap, and immediately caught a second kitten. So far, no more kittens have been caught, although traps remain set. And these two, tame immediately and about six or seven weeks of age, are skin and bones, but otherwise healthy. They're so skinny I don't know if two more could have survived. Four were seen about two weeks ago, but only two have been seen in the last week. That does not necessarily mean they are not still alive. It means they have not been seen is all.

Mom looked pregnant again, but she wasn't. She was chock full of roundworms. I wormed her, and, this afternoon, she has eaten two cans of food already. After I trapped her kittens and set them beside her, she looked content and all were ready for naps.

A couple has been feeding mom. They have dogs, very lovable but loud dogs, nosy dogs, too, they are. The disabled woman of the couple, in a wheelchair, wanted badly to keep the kittens but the dogs raised a ruckus that could not be stopped so off went the kittens with me. And now, I am trying to find somewhere else for them, since I don't want them getting sick with what the bathroom kittens, returned by Heartland, had, but fortunately are now over with.

That's the girl kitten on the left, looking over her shoulder at mom, behind her in another trap. The boy is on the right. They're gorgeous kittens.

There are little tragic family dramas playing out like this everywhere right now.

Update: Caught kitten number three. Another brown tabby boy. Traps still set under that house. I have mom and the three kittens set up in my garage. Don't want to bring them in the house for fear they'll get the Gaki bug. I have three kittens in my bathroom. Kittens everywhere. I had a terrible time getting back up after being down, setting a trap under the house again. Knee giving me pain today. Need some rest.

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