Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well, I have more kittens. The good news is the three tabby's will go to KATA tomorrow or Friday. Thank you KATA. And the three in the bathroom will go back to Heartland once they make two pounds. But I am overloaded to be sure.

I went back to the Lebanon trailer park. I had to finish. There was that torti, who had kittens too young for her to leave last time. I ended up catching her, and catching the big dominant black and white male and loading up an unfixed tame male.

The orange female fixed three weeks or so ago, lactating at spay, I was told had four young kittens that she moves every day, frantically. Nobody really cares if things live or die there. There was no water out I could see. I had none in my car to put out for the cats. I could not enlist help in that regard.

I checked and she was fixed May 20. The kittens had likely just been born so they are four weeks of age. I was told then she'd had kittens very recently but they'd died. Not so. They were just born before I caught her.

I had spotted the tortis kittens under one trailer and set a trap on the edge of the trailer skirt, and propped the trailer skirt open with a rock, trying to lure them out. While that was going on, without warning, I heard mews and turned to see the young orange feral female had brought out her four tiny kittens, about four weeks old, and deposited them near my car. I could not believe it. She then moved off. She wanted me to take them. She could not care for them herself. I took them.

I had no free carrier or trap so I emptied my purse and put them inside it. They were severely dehydrated and frantically gulped KMR when I got them home, biting at the towel some spilled on desperately.

I gave two of them sub cu fluids.

Two orange boys. Two orange girls.

About then, after the orange female brought me her kittens, the trap snapped on one of the torti's orange kittens. The other, who had been just outside the trap, panicked and began a mad circular run, trying to find his way back under that trailer. I felt bad for him. They are older, closer to eight weeks, but also dehydrated and starving. I emptied every can of food I had out onto plates and put that food out everywhere.

I came home with five more kittens and three adults from the trailer park alone, bringing the total number of cats helped there to 26 so far.

I'd also discovered a disabled woman in a very old trailer in a rural location who feeds cats. I trapped two of the dozen or more she feeds.

I also was called by some rural Lebanon residents who have a few cats who have been dumped off there, including a recent dump of a tame kitten. They can't keep her, although they are trying to keep her safe in the bushes. They have dogs inside and in their barn, who would kill her, they said.

They also said they had a tame male show up, but lately he showed up terribly injured with one leg raw, and full of little holes. They think it has something to do with explosions going off in the night at a nearby house and shots fired there. They did not see him today and fear he has died.

It is a terribly sad world out there right now for cats. Very very sad.

And then there is the letter to the editor from Rita. Click post title to read it. I met Rita in Homeless Camp Boondoggle and got her two adult females fixed and took their kittens. She then moved in with a couple guys way out in Lacomb, who said they'd give her a room. I don't know when she moved back to town or where she lives now. I don't know if the two other rescued cats she speaks of in the letter are her Siamese and gray tux from when she lived in Boondoggle. She did take them with her up to Lacomb when she moved up there. I 'll call her tomorrow, about this other cat she talks about in the letter. She's a character, been through a lot.

UPDATE: I am still up. These four young kittens cannot be filled up. I've given them fluids twice now already, sub cu, because they were in such a bad state. That mother cat knew they were going to die. It is amazing. She is so young. This is her first litter and yet she knew. She wanted them to live so she gave them up, the ultimate sacrifice of a young stray, who has very little herself in life to enjoy.

If only I'd been more successful in adopting out the adults here, at my place, I would have stolen her from that life, too, and brought her here.

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