Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One Cat

I have one cat in my car ready for the spay game. She's a young mother from off Grand Prairie. She has kittens under a house I can't get under. Supposedly they are four or five weeks old. I've not seen them. They have traps under the house set for the kittens but no sign of them. This makes me worry, that they are not as old as the couple thinks they are.

My car is running ok. I added fuel injector cleaner from the dollar store and I hope no more coughing and sputtering start attempts.

Supposedly the part to fix the stuck electrical switch for the windows might be ordered this week. Yeah, have no idea why it hasn't yet been ordered. I think it's been six weeks since I took the car in.

I sprayed down the front of the radiator yesterday to get bits of leaves and twigs out of it, for better circulation. Sometimes I vacuum the front of a radiator but the shop vac I got at an estate sale fried a year ago.

I have three take off tires of one brand on the car then a fourth tire of a different brand which was more used than the other three. That tire needs replaced. Has some tread left, but not that much. I need to replace the front struts.

I am seriously toying with the idea of doing it myself. I remember sort of how, using C clamps as a spring compressor, for the suspension spring. I remember all the stories of people who have had whatever they used to compress the spring break or slip, and then the spring knocking them in the shoulder or breaking an arm, and one unfortunate I read about years ago, got knocked in the face and killed, when his homemade spring compressor failed.

That is a lot of force, to be sure, but I think I can do it. Think I can. Otherwise, that's hundreds of dollars to get front struts replaced.

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