Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rural Photos

These photos I took tonight, just as the sun was dying, near the Rural Trailer colony. I had no luck there, caught only one keeper. I did catch a six week old black kitten, but turned her loose. I did catch both cats fixed last Thursday again. I caught the black tux twice. That always means they feel ok with me, and sometimes it means, "Please, take me home with you."

Nonetheless, despite catching only one more there, I do have 14 cats to take to be fixed tomorrow. The vet will kill me, I just know it. I have 8 from Alsea, three adult females, from two households and five kittens, now three months old that they were unable to give away from her last litter.

I will have four tame Albany cats, too. I have the calico feral from Albany. And the one from rural trailer.

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