Monday, June 21, 2010

14 Cats Fixed Today

Alsea Crowd Teen black males, three of them, all neutered today.
Alsea crowd teen girls, two of them, spayed today.
The two Alsea girls again.
The three Alsea teen boys fixed today again.
Tela, a brown tabby Alsea girl, who just had five kittens. Four were born dead and the fifth died shortly afterwards. Two were born dead one day and a few days later, came the other three. She won't have to go through that again.
Prissy, a noisy torti, spayed today, from Alsea.
Prissy again.
Bella, Prissy's sister, was also spayed. The two tiffed half last night here in my garage.
Albany feral torbi, spayed today.
The feral torbi again.
The torbi's latest litter of three kittens, two girls and a boy, all fixed today.
Black tux young and very skinny male from the Rural trailer colony. They're so skinny no wonder the ones fixed just last week are anxious to get back into my trap.
Meesa, the doomed calico, mother of the four kittens in my bedroom, spayed today and she needs somewhere to go.

Big Day for the cats of Linn and Benton County today. 14 of them got fixed. Five were boys and nine were girls.

Eight of the cats hailed from Alsea, a contact off craigslist. There are still more cats associated with this household in need of fixing. But today, three adult females and five teenagers, three males and two females, were fixed.

Four more of the cats came from an Albany household. There was a feral female plus her latest litter of three, two girls and a boy. Still left to get fixed there, two late teens from same female's previous litter.

Then, I caught only one more cat at the trailer colony. Well, I did recatch the black tux female fixed last week twice and the black female fixed last week once. I also trapped a black six week old kitten and released her. And finally, I trapped a skinny scared young black tux male, who was neutered today.

Then, there was Meesa, the calico from downtown, very feral, who should not go back there, since they have given a neighbor permission to trap those cats. I also have her four delightful kittens, two boys and two girls.

14 cats fixed!

I spent the day, to save gas, hanging out in Wilsonville. I hiked the park trail many times, for exercise. I napped. I read a book. Then I came home late, with the 14 cats and took them all back except Meesa and the little skinny trailer teen boy.

I was called by a N. Albany woman who had a male in a carrier. I don't what she was thinking, getting him into a carrier with nowhere to get him fixed. I had her call Countryside and so she will take him there tomorrow to be neutered. They have several other unfixed cats.

I hope the son makes it up there. He's taking him in a car he just bought for $200, his mom says. Needless to say, it has some issues. Good luck to him. Brave young man. No one else in the family has a car right now.

I also went over to the Pine Meadow apartments. The woman scheduled to get her cats fixed a week ago, then cancelled, had found three tiny kittens. Two were dead but she is trying to save the one, who looks only about two days old. Good for her for trying. Her cat and a neighbors unfixed female will be fixed Thursday, along with, I'm told, her sisters cat, and the five kittens, who, I'm now told, are still there. I guess the husband stood outside a store with them but did not find even one a home. At least I can help get them fixed. I hope I'm not killing the Poppa budget, taking in so many. Wish I had unlimited fixing funds, that's for sure. Sure are needed. None of these people have jobs anymore. It's really sad. I think everyone is laid off now.

I try to get everybody wanting their cats fixed helped in some way but it's tough these days. Money's tight everywhere.

I want to finish that trailer park in Lebanon, and that other colony, where I've taken 39 in so far. Two left there.

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