Thursday, June 17, 2010

Goodbye Emmy, Dak, Noah and Harry!

A KATA volunteer just picked up the four kittens, thank you KATA and god in heaven. Leaving me with four orange fuzzballs and three whirlwinds in the bathroom.

I've been letting the Lebanon trio, a.k.a. "the whirlwind", out until, that is, Deaf Miss Daisy got into a tizzy over it. You see, Miss Daisy is having an issue. That issue is constipation from hairballs. That makes her cranky. So, I locked the whirlwind back into the bathroom, as the kittens have no respect for anybody or anything at this point in their lives. Everything is a toy and everyone couldn't possibly do anything but love them and think everything they do is adorable and ok.

Except Miss Daisy when she needs to cough up a hairball. When Tabitha landed a direct hit on Miss Daisy's back, fur flew. Tabitha became a ballerina, poised on the tippy toes of all four feet, fur fluffed in fake fury. Oh how shocked and outraged she was at Miss Daisy's negative reaction to her amazing feat of kitten athleticism. Miss Daisy was supposed to react in awe and approval.

She came running to me, crying out in hurt. I had more sympathy for Miss Daisy. The kittens had been trying to climb my leg recently. I was jealous of Miss Daisy's ability to tell the kittens off and that it is not ok to jump on someone's back while they are drinking, trying to dislodge a hairball clog. It won't win a kitten friends behaving like that at any time.

I plopped the offending kitten down in the bathroom and closed off the world to the whirlwind. Goodnight rowdy girls. My goodness. I'm a sleepy cranky human, can't you tell? Well, you will be easily able to tell soon if I don't sleep.

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