Thursday, June 17, 2010

Five Cats Fixed Today

I took five adults up to be fixed today. Three came from the Lebanon trailer park. Scarf, a tabby on white male, was the only tame cat of the five I took up, although the trailer park torti is half friendly.

I also took up two cats trapped at the rural trailer. One, a very young black female, was pregnant. The other, a black tux female, was in heat.

Rural trailer colony black tux in heat female, spayed today.
Rural Trailer colony young black female, pregnant at spay.
Scarf, the big tame tabby on white male fixed today from the Lebanon trailer park.
Scarf again.
This big black tux dominant male was also fixed today. He too hails from the Lebanon trailer park.This is the mom from off Grand Prairie, before her return, with her kittens, Dak, Emma and Noah, although all you can see of Noah is his butt sticking up in the back corner as he tries to hide.

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