Friday, June 18, 2010

Cowards of the County

I've about had my fill. I hate cowards. I hate animal abusers and neglectors. I hate fakes. I hate the phrase "they're not my cats", which is usually so some person feeding same cats can get out of paying a dime for them to be fixed.

But tonight, the man used those words to defend the reason he gave an angry old man permission to trap and kill his own cats. Except, you see, it was me who sat out front hours on end trapping them so they could be fixed. It was never him. It was never him who paid a dime for them to be fixed, trapped or transported. He calls it a "free service" what I do. That's not even up to crackhead Aids positive $5 blow job whore standard.

So when his old man neighbor says "Do you care if I trap your cats?" He gave it the a.o.k. I asked him, "Where are you balls? Why won't you defend your cats?"

He lets them reproduce, never does anything about it, until he mentions it to his vet, who gives him my number. Ten were fixed that weekend at an FCCO clinic that his vet volunteered at. Think I'll let his vet know what he intends to allow happen to those cats his vet volunteered his time to help fix.

This is where Tiny Tim, now in HB, came from. This is where Black Pearl and her kittens came from, too.

Does anyone in this town care about anything? If so, where are you, Albany people, who care? Where?

I was so upset after talking to him I wanted to just sob. I drove, windows down, fast, CD player blasting the only CD I have that works right now--The Stones. The tears were rolling down from under my sunglasses.

I was angry and very very sad. All I see is the faces of those cats, the victims, of human cowardess and unkind life hating behavior. That angry neighbor, what's it to him if a neighbor feeds a dozen fixed cats? What gets me in this county is people like to kill things rather than make a bit of effort and solve the problem. The solution of choice seems to be violence. Why not just find homes for those cats? Why is the first thing that pops into someone's head as a solution to kill them? I do not understand such a mentality.

Killing is lazy. It's like eating sugar and sitting on the couch while doing so.

I can't take it anymore. I can't take the weight of the sorrow, that hangs upon me. How am I supposed to look at people? I know lots of the people I run into, only because they had cats they didn't fix. That says a whole lot about them. I know the threats they made to me, if I didn't help them, what they would do, the promises they made about paying me and Poppa back, that they did not keep. I see their Christian pro life conservative yelling bumper stickers and wish I could vomit on que. I really do.

I need to get away. I need to quit crying over this and find a solution for those cats, get them out of there and safe, under the care of someone with balls and a kind heart.

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