Tuesday, June 22, 2010

End of my Rope. Phone off Hook

Those Albany people call me last night. They've caught a cat, and want it fixed. I tell them that's not the way I do things, but, they can call Countryside and see if they will do him, and I can try to get it Poppa approved. So they do.

The son takes the cat up, but Countryside will not approve him neutered through Poppa unless they hear from Poppa in Portland first to approve it. The woman calls me. I tell her, well, didn't know that, you'll have to take him home then. But if you leave him there to be fixed, you will be responsible for payment.

In the meantime, I e-mail the request to Poppa's president, figuring she's out working and won't get it. But she does, and calls the clinic and calls in the payment, going out of her way to do it.

What happens next? The woman calls me at 5:33 p.m., minutes before the clinic closes, wants me to go pick up the cat for her. Says her son won't do it. I tell her that it is her responsibiity and that she has had all day to arrange a pickup if her son won't. She is saying she will be charged $25 now, for the clinic overnighting the cat. I have no sympathy and rightfully so.

I finally get upset with her, and tell her to take some personal responsibility for her own actions, i.e. catching a cat before she had any way lined up to get the cat fixed, and not picking up the cat after it was fixed, causing hardship on the vet clinic, and the fact she is making demands on volunteers and not following through on her end. That's nuts!

I feel bad for the vet clinic. It's why I usually don't allow people, getting cats fixed on Poppa funds, to take cats to the clinic themselves. This situation was different because she had already trapped the cat, and I've got no more appointments for a couple of days and am too tired to even move from yesterday's marathon.

I feel sorry for the cat.

She wanted a cat fixed. The cat got fixed. She got a cat fixed for free and she never even asked before she trapped it. Poppa went out of their way to try to accomodate her anyhow on payment for the neuter. For gosh sakes. Get over that attitude.

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