Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Berries. Berries. Berries. Kittens. Kittens. Kittens.

Slurpy, taken today. She is still here, due to that one eye.
Prancer, taken this morning before she and sister Tabitha left.
The lovable Tabitha, who is such a character.
Prancer and Tabitha, loaded in a carrier, just before they went to Heartland the first time.

This is berry season in Oregon. Because of our winterlike spring, the strawberries are late arriving and better than ever. I'm going to go pick some soon, but I've been purchasing pints off roadside stands of late. I had the last of the three pints I'd bought for lunch, with an overripe banana added in. Delicious.

Kittens too are blooming everywhere. Today, I said goodbye to Tabitha and Prancer, the under the pallet girls from the Lebanon situation. They returned to Heartland and will be spayed in the next day or two, then be up for adoption. They had suddenly ballooned in weight and are over two pounds. Slurpy stayed because she still has slight conjunctivitis in one eye. She loves the younger kittens and is playing mom and loving it. She adores one of the orange and white boys from the middle litter, the feral calico's four.

I had to get them back to Heartland because I get attached too easily and start worrying over them and where they will end up.
The Albany woman did pick up her male this morning and was actually very pleased with the fact he is now neutered. Tomorrow, three of her females will be spayed.

Look at the video below again. I had the four pallet kittens, including Tabitha and Prancer, in one trap in my car when I took this, after just pulling them out from under that pallet. I also had the two wood box kittens in a trap. Look how curious Tabitha is, staring at me from the trap! The Lynx Point medium hair is Tabitha and Prancer's mom. Prancer's long hair neat freak torbi sister and sister V, the other torti, with orange on her face and a mustache, are up being fostered by Poppa Inc. president's daughter. She also has the surviving bottle babe. Poppa's president herself has one of the Wood box tortis, in the second trap in the video, plus the white calico from up in the woods, and Amber, a Poppa volunteer, has two of the orange boys, another torti, who had a bad eye, and the second wood box torti, seen in the second live trap in the video.

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