Wednesday, June 02, 2010

DMV Crapola

To be talked down to, by whomever this evening answers the DMV phone, about this problem on whether or not my payment went through, is really disgusting.

She wanted to tell me my computer probably didn't allow the payment because their site is secure and my computer isn't set up right for secure payments. I pretty much said "bullshit" because I pay elsewhere online and did renew my registration online the last time it was due. While the first DMV operator was very helpful, this one, this evening, talked to me like I was a child. I did not appreciate it.

She said I needed to get some computer knowledgable person to come to my house and help me. She said they wouldn't have any idea if my payment went through until tomorrow whereas the person this morning, said they could tell in a couple of hours. She also said the only way I'd really know would be to call my credit card company. I said, you know what that's like, a half hour on hold, being disconnected at least once, never really getting information you need.

She had no sympathy for my plight with their website problem and whether my payment went through or not. My friend said it was likely end of shift and the woman didn't want to deal with it.

I'm so sick, bad bad cold, have been sleeping all day. I returned the four cats anyhow, took the trap left there, because it is apparent they will not trap for the two left needing fixed, including a pregnant female. I am dismayed, in many ways, that such a situation went unresolved so long, when the man could have taken care of it much sooner, resulting in far lower costs. But why would he care, when he has not taken on any of the costs. They donated enough to cover the cost of fixing four of the 37 cats and kittens.

My own costs for bait, gas, wormer, flea treatment, KMR were high. And the costs to the fosterers have already been high. That includes for food, KMR, medicines, and one kitten already had to go to the vet. He got a high temp suddenly last night, but is now doing ok. It was one of the icicle boys, the bottle babes.

I believe it is the one who was "rattling" when here, due to possibly inhaling water or falling into the water dish put inside the cardboard box. They were bottle babes, incapable of eating or drinking on their own. The water dish put inside the box is what immediately spilled when they then moved the box, causing the kittens to lay in water until I went out and got them.

With still at least two cats, one pregnant, maybe more, needing caught and fixed, I would have hoped they would be hell bent on getting them caught and this done. But no, apparently they're not. Well, I'm doing the best I can at getting it under control quickly. If I wasn't sick, I'd be up there trying to get those last two. I was told there may be two torti's, and if that is the case, then there are at least three more to catch, two of those would be females at least.

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