Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Summer Come!

Summer has not been seen in Oregon for many months now. Summer's long awaited return is overdue and we, in Oregon, fear something terrible may have happened to Summer.

I am sick, started getting sick last night, a cold I think this time, not allergies, but I could be wrong. The wet and cold doesn't help me brave my illness well.

I was tired last night and fell asleep on the couch! I need to return the four colony cats fixed yesterday, but it's just pouring out there and we are supposed to have maybe record breaking heavy rain today.

The cats are really happy just lounging in the traps in my car, but the two big males, with their big male smell, will start getting my cats agitated.

At the vet clinic up in Wilsonville, I was very sorry to hear one of their techs, a very smart competent young woman, is moving back to N. Carolina, to be closer to family. She said she just can't do it, be so far from them, anymore. And she's tired of Oregon's horrid weather. We will all miss her.

We've had a no good spring here in Oregon, very wet and cold, like winter. Everyone is aching literally for sunshine and it just doesn't come. It's June and the sun should be showing through every now and then at least, shouldn't be storming like its winter and freezing still. Gardens have been given up on. Summer we fear has got it in for Oregon, like a spat or a grudge and is punishing Oregon by just not coming around.

Summer, I personally love you. What do you need, to make a showing here, a sacrifice, gifts thrown into the sea for you? Please, Summer, come, you can stay with me, I have a room made up for you already, and I just love you.

What else do I hate? Online bill pay for DMV. I try to renew registration online, and get to the final step, of payment, click submit, and what comes up, on my browser? The page that comes up next is: This Web page has expired. What the fuck? now I have no clue if the payment and information went through or not. So I try to call DMV, to ask what to do now, and they said they don't know, maybe wait a day, and call them, see if they can tell if it went through.

Don't pay your bills online. Especially not on a state run website.

The neighbor down the block likes to parking lot his excess vehicles square in front of my bedroom. I want to go smash his windshield. He can park his own vehicle in front of his own god damn house.


  1. Jody: you should be able to check your credit card online to see if the payment went through - have you tried that?

  2. No, can't do that, snafu with old password that is unresolved.