Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Gun Trouble in Oregon

There are just too many whack jobs packing heat in Oregon.

The young man shot to death in Portland by police would be alive today if he had not had a stolen gun in the glove compartment and, then, in the hormonal charge and heat of a police confrontation, he grabbed that gun and shot an officer twice in the legs. He was then shot and killed by police. No gun in the glove compartment? He'd be alive, not six feet under.

Then there was the "good citizen" who witnessed the theft of three cell phones, and took it upon himself to kneel and shoot at the thieves taking off in their car, in an area with people waiting for a bus across the street, and other car traffic. He had no regard for others lives.

Whack job. He feels he did the right thing. Bullshit. He could have killed someone. The cops can't shoot at a fleeing car. Only gang bangers do that. And people hyped up on their own egos and hormones and packing guns.

Today, in the local paper, a story about a father and son, who became enraged at a local gas station, down here off I5, when they felt someone's vehicle was blocking a gas pump. What to do. Oh, pull out guns. And that they did.

One man pointed his gun at another man and threatened to shoot him. His 18 year old son pulled out another gun. According to a witness, a child from the same vehicle, no doubt unaware their family adults were engaged in an adult tantrum, ran in front of the pumped shotgun. They were chased down by state police. Mother fuckers.

No guns handy, and there may have been some words, but not guns pulled and pointed at other human beings, with threats to end their lives, over a fucking gas pump.

Hot heads out there, lose the guns. You are a danger to sane folks just trying to live. You're a danger to yourselves too.

Too many temper hot whackos in Oregon carrying heat.

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