Saturday, May 08, 2010

Two More Stayton Cats Fixed Today

Another silver tabby male, fixed today.
Gray tux female, spayed today. She's just a teenager, and lactating, but barely lactating.
The male again.

Again, this morning, the early phone call. I thought she was going to let me have the weekend off. I was sure I asked her not to trap until Sunday again. Must not have.

She caught two: another silver tabby male, that is a lookalike to the one done in the first five, who lacked part of a rear leg. But it is not the same one, unless he dipped in a magic pool, that restored his balls, his tipped ear and that missing leg. He was neutered today.

The second was a teen female gray tux. Lactating no less. The third lactator in the trailer park I know of. She was back and very alert within hours and will be released to go to her kittens, if they are even out there alive.

All these cats are gray and white, gray tabbies, all gray or silver tabbies. Can you say "inbreeding"?

Below are the two females, sisters, both silver tabbies, fixed yesterday from the park.

And below is one of three fixed the day before from the park. It's Big Boy, only it was a girl and pregnant. The other two fixed the day before yesterday were Sugar, a gray and white long hair female, lactating, and Fergie, an owned brown tabby medium hair female, who was in heat.

Big Boy, pregnant blue female fixed the day before yesterday.

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