Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another Breakage

The hand push mower I use to mow the yard has been failing. I can barely push it through grass. It takes herculean effort.

Today, frustrated, I took the thing apart. Granted, I'll probably never get it back together.

It's a mess inside. The wheels turn on a gear type piece attached to the metal sides of the mower body. It, in turn, bites into gear type indentations on the inside of the wheel hub. The grease on both those parts was almost dry and very very dirty.

But, the real problem is the axle bearings on one side. They barely turn, which means the blades can't turn on that axle without a lot of work. I can't get that bearing pack off the axle itself. There must be an easy way but I'm not seeing it.

Not that I could find a replacement part. I suppose I could repack the bearings? And add axle grease? If I could get it off? I have no clue what I'm doing. I only know now why the darn blades are so hard to turn. So close to fixing the problem but now I'm stalled out on it. I can't figure out to get them off. But even if I did, then what.

My frustration levels became rather high. I began giggling to myself. I thought of the perfect solution. Kill the lawn grass and forget it!

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