Monday, May 10, 2010

More Cats to the Clinic. New Windshield.

This poor cat is supposedly a declawed female, dumped out along the road by the park a couple of months ago. She seems to still be waiting at the entrance for her owner to return although that won't happen. People who dump or abandon their pets are heartless and mean. Poor girl. In the above photo, a little girl from the trailer park gives her some attention.
The young Siamese mix male from Lebanon, neutered today.
The big boy, Spike, and the little Siamese, both from Lebanon and neutered today.
Spike, he's so adorable and huge.
This spider was crawling around in my car today. I think it came off the carrier the two Lebanon boys were brought over to me in. It's a Jumping Spider:
"Jumping spiders(figure 1) are common spiders outdoors and indoors. They are active during the day and are often found around windows, ceilings, walls, and other areas exposed to sunlight. Jumping spiders are generally small to medium-sized (about 1/5 - 1/2 inch long) and compact-looking. They are usually dark-colored with white markings, although some can be brightly colored, including some with iridescent mouthparts. These spiders move quickly in a jerky, irregular gait. They get their name from their ability to leap on their prey, often jumping many times their own body length. Like most spiders, jumping spiders have eight eyes, of which the two middle eyes are particularly large. Jumping spiders have the best vision of spiders, seeing objects up to 8 inches away." from Iowa extension service.

I had to get my windshield replaced. It was beyond cracked. It was spidered in cracks. I found this place that would do it for under $200, which is almost $400 cheaper than anywhere down here I had found. I was ecstatic because I knew I was soon going to be getting a ticket over the darn thing.

Hey, not my fault. The fault lies in these rock trucks and flatbeds and four wheel drives who don't clean out their tires or secure their loads. Makes me mad every time I pass some big dirty four wheeler throwing rocks from its treads or a dump truck with rocks flying off the load at every little bounce. That's money out of my pocket for that sort of behavior.

I was tired. I was up half the night with a stomach problem. Hence deletion of two middle of the night posts. Judgement is not best at 2:30 a.m. I had two boys from Lebanon in my car who needed neutered. Sam was already expressing his displeasure at their Aura near his.

I discovered the grinding noise in my new brakes comes from the right rear wheel. I e-mailed my brother and asked what I should do. He said maybe it will quit but that I should not be hearing a grinding noise. But I do. Another woman I asked about it said her husband would check them out, but then discovered he'd already left for work. At least it's just one grinding and someone else said something must be sticking out to make the noise. I just was too tired to want to deal with it.

I wanted to go off and sleep somewhere, but after dropping off the boys I had to keep the appointment for the windshield. They were quick, right on time, even early with getting it done. Looks great, too! I am so happy about finding that place.

Then the trailer park people told me they found the now fixed female's two kittens, by crawling under a trailer. I stopped by to see them. They look to be 16 or so days old, two big fat boy kittens. One is blue and the other lighter gray tabby with a bit of white. They could not get Samantha, the unfixed Siamese's' kittens, although they're under there too, they said.

She got yelled at I guess over that last gray tux fixed Saturday, because she was fed by some guy who didn't want her fixed. But the neighbors are all happy about it, saying she's had 12 litters and he won't take them inside and the poor kittens mostly die under somebody else's trailer.

The woman was upset because the park manager told her any unidentified cat could be taken to be fixed, but when this guy got mad about it being his cat, even though he does not have it identified and the rules say any pet must be fixed, not to mention the cat has to live outside and have her kittens under trailers in filth, the manager pulled a "I'm a coward" trip on the woman cleaning up the trailer park, and told the man, allegedly, she knew nothing about anyone in the park getting the cats fixed. That is so not right.

Anyhow, the woman is determined despite the lack of support from management in enforcing the park rules.

I'm home finally, worn out.

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  1. that poor little girl in the top waiting. i wish we could have her. declawed cats have it so hard outside. i never let weezie out.