Saturday, May 22, 2010

Craigslist Siamese ad Again

This is the cat I got fixed for the man in Albany, who gave her away the very next day, to a woman and her teenage daughter, who came to see Suli's kitten, took both mom and kitten. The kitten was just three weeks old. But, the day after that, an ad first appeared on craigslist, with someone claiming they were moving immediately and wanted to rehome a purebred blue point Siamese. At that time, they wanted $40, to help pay for the cost of her having been spayed. A week later, they reduced the price to $25. Now, in the repost, it's $25 again.

I don't know if it is the same Siamese. The cat in the photos I took, at spay, and the photos posted, look slightly different. Cameras can distort colors badly, however. If it is the same cat, what happened to her little tiny kitten is what I'm hoping to find out. Maybe it's a different Siamese. Their current ad is below. I did try to call again. No answer. The last time I called, a teen girl answered and told me she'd have her mother call, but I never heard from her mother.

Purebred Blue Point Siamese Cat (Albany)

Date: 2010-05-22, 11:42AM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


Moving soon must find a new home for our indoor female blue point siamese cat. She is a little shy at first but loves attention. She would do better in a home with no small children just hides when they come near her. She is gourgous, but I am moving out of state and want whats best for the cat. She has always been an indoor cat and is litter box trained. Need to find a home for her THIS WEEKEND if possible. She is spayed and is 1 year old. Rehoming fee includes her litter box, litter and food and her spayed. REHOMING FEE OF $25.00 541-609-8089
This is the photo of the Siamese listed with the above ad, once again, on craigslist. Same cat as the one I got fixed for the Albany man who promptly gave her and her tiny kitten away? I don't know.Another photo of same cat off craigslist ad.

The first and second photos of the same cat from the craigslist ad don't even look alike, unless wash out has occurred on the full body one from a flash. Because of such variations in color produced by the camera itself, there is no way to tell. However, the photos of the cat I took in show a round faced blue point, with fading blue color to the sides on the mouth and pronounced rounding of the blue coloration below the eyes on the cheek. I can't say if it is the same cat. Like I said, the two photos on craigslist don't even look like the same cat to me.

Well, it would be interesting to find out, but I probably won't find out. I love mysteries.


  1. I just can't tell. If the photos were bigger, it would help. Your cat looks like it has more white under its eyes than the craigslist cat but that could be lighting.

  2. The craigslist ad cat photos are incredibly small size, poor quality, perhaps taken on a cell phone.