Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Covy of Old Farmers

I returned the cow colony cats this morning, after over sleeping. They saw no more cats and none touched traps left set. They believe the cat they see periodically belongs to a neighbor. So I took back their nine cats. All now fixed and looking good. They were all silver tabbies, except the one big male, who is a tabby on white.

Six were females and five of the females were pregnant, even two very little teenagers.

While returning the traps, another old guy shows up and starts and it turns out I've met him before. He looked familiar. He hangs out sometimes at a downtown restaurant with other old guys, including my neighbor. I asked him his name, when trying to figure where I'd seen him before. Turns out he is a close relative of catman Roger, too. We then talked about other farmers we both knew, before I had to head off. See they have a relative with three or four unfixed cats, so I left traps with her.

I left with a warm feeling, a feeling of nostalgia, a feeling of family. I spent two years catching all the cats at Catman Rogers warehouse. There were over 200. I met many many people in that time, had some memorable experiences and some very frightening experiences. It was a sad day for me when I caught Moby Jane, the last cat at the warehouse. A sad day indeed.

Miss Daisy was thrown out along the road a couple miles from that warehouse. It was Catman Roger who found her in the ditch when he walked out to the road to get the mail. He took her in, fed her, gave her water and she promptly disappeared. He did not know she was deaf and he accidently closed her up in a shed. Her loud screaming brought him running the next day. I went and fetched her from Catman Roger out at the warehouse. She had health issues from being thrown out of the car, a damanged jaw and mouth, and her paw pads were burned from walking the scorching August pavement.

Miss Daisy has been an intense blessing in my life. She is an optimist and a clown. She has no enemies and has decided she likes the cushy life of pillow sleeping. She deserves such a life and a sanctuary from evil. She has never been evil but she's known plenty of it. It surrounded her young life but did not consume her. She remained herself, seperate and beautiful. She walked through the fire and the fire did not touch her soul. Miss Daisy is an inspiration. Catman Roger, the quirky honest grass seed farmer, put her into my arms.

As I drove away from the Cow Colony guys, I felt warm, like when Miss Daisy was put into my arms by Roger and she reached up, like she still does, to touch my face with her paw. Like the sun had come out after years of gray rain. Like being cradled. Like being loved.


  1. that is beautiful about miss daisy.

  2. know the feeling!


  3. Miss Daisy and Sam were the two most loving cats during my stay. I loved how she took to me immediately, with no qualms, sleeping with me at night. It was a touch of home since my cat is usually in bed with me at night. She is such an endearing cat!