Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why I Stay Clear of People

I wrote a letter to the editor, proud of my efforts to take in 651 cats last year. But what happens in the comment section, allowed after letters, (and the reason I quit writing letters for the most part), cyber bullying and people hijacking the facts, pretending they know what is going on when they don't. Click the post title to go to the comment section.

It's very dismal, really. I was proud of my hidden volunteer efforts. But why try to engage people, who just complain, alter facts and are mean? There's no reason. I will not write another letter to the paper. The asshole commenting people are mean and nasty and nothing is ever good enough.

The distorted facts they cite, encouraging one another, are just so stupid. I would hope the general public can tell how stupid their remarks really are.

An appropriate response to my letter might be "Thank you", not that shit from asshole cyber bully couch potato know it alls. They won't even identify themselves, which is the sure way to tell a bully.

Makes me wonder often why I bother. I don't have any human contact, so when the tiny bit I have, is mean nasty disgusting comments after a letter I write, showing a rather remarkable accomplishment from a volunteer, that says a great deal about what goes on with people these days.

Are there really good people out there anymore? I just don't know if there are. If so, where? I think they are few and far between. I think the norm now encourages bullying and selfish lazy behavior. I think these traits might be considered normal now. I don't think they are, but it is widely accepted behavior to bully and be mean.

I love the night and the stars. They are my friends and they always have been.

As for the asshole know it all posting as FeralFacts, who wants to hijack an issue he knows nothing about it, I think it's the crazy guy in Corvallis, who doesn't do a damn thing. He does write lots of letters to the paper. If it is him, he is one jerk off and thinks he knows everything. I only think it's him because it is someone who doesn't have any practical experience with cats, has a huge ego, and writes pretending he is an expert. That fits his MO.

If you read the comments this person makes, it is clear this is either a crazy person, a severe egotist or a control freak. The person responds very very quickly, without even reading the comment they are responding to in full, and so, gets his responses completely wrong, in regard to the facts.

This is usually because they are so eager to control the commenting, to refute, even with falsities, anything written contrary to what they said. These are signs of a nutcase, an egotist or control freak. An egotist cannot stand to be contradicted and makes things up as they go, figuring volume, even if its babble, is good enough. The comments Feralfacts make do not even make sense, if he or she stopped to think about it for even a second, or had ever had any experience with cats or feral cats.

The funniest comment is when he says feral cats should all go to a sanctuary or be socialized then adopted as tame cats. Only someone without any knowledge of this subject at all would say such ignorant things. He or she should march down to Heartland or any other kill shelter and see just how many perfectly healthy socialized dogs and cats are killed, for lack of homes and foster homes. And where are these sanctuaries Mr Make it up as you go says they should all go to? They don't exist.

So, if it is the person I think it is, he will write a letter. He won't be able to stop himself, because he has to top everyone, because he can't stand it if someone else, especially someone he knows, does something good, and so he has to put that down, to avoid any guilt over being a couch potato do nothing expert at everything (know it all), in other words.

And if he does write a letter, I will have to remind him publicly that he lets his own cat free roam. This is a person only out to argue, not really concerned with content. Egotist. If it is him, if you just saw the outside of his house, you'd know. If it is who I think it is, he will write a letter, then I'll know for sure.


  1. Hey I thought *I* was the one who avoided people while you were the one looking to hang out? That's gimmick infringement. :)

    Okay, now I'll be serious: cat-haters are inevitable and the Internet makes it easy for jerks of all kinds to spread their jerkiness without fear of consequences. There was a supportive note or two, which is pretty good considering the fact that the jerky types are much more motivated to post their negative comments.

    Anyway, your record IS truly amazing and it makes me feel guilty for not doing more. I think it's really wonderful what you do. Thank you.

  2. I've come to the conclusion that most people who comment on the web pages of newspapers are sick and cruel. It must be dismal for the papers, who want to provide an intelligent forum. But if you look in the comments of even the most non-controversial of articles, those same people are there. They just like to "see" themselves speak, and know anyone who views the comments are hostage to their view. It is a sad thing.

  3. I've seen the comments, after news articles of all sorts. It is sad. It hasn't just been the comments. I have been getting disgusting cat hating anonymous phone calls and e-mails. It's terrible, like being assaulted for doing a good thing. What is wrong with people these days?

  4. It doesn't matter what type of article it is - some people simply enjoy being the one to post negative comments anonymously. I wonder if these people are able to have healthy relationships with friends and family. I am aware that people may have differing opinions *of course* but it seems that only those with issues would be the ones to actually take the time to write nasty comments/emails and make harrassing phone calls. People like that scare me. There is just something inherently creepy about them...

  5. Amen, Frodannah. There is nothing creepier than anonymous phone calls. Nobody does that who is normal. It's scary.

  6. I agree with your other commenters. People who post on news sites and also on Youtube--especially anonymously--are mostly hateful cowards. I literally don't read the comments anymore because it's just bile and vomit.

  7. and if you do leave an intelligent comment its usually ignored by the other posters...notice the "ignorant haters" are usually also very poor spellers? And their grammer is also atrocious? It usually tells you something about their levels of education...sixth grade drop outs! and yes, there are good people out there.