Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stinod Still Improving

Stinod continues to improve. She is trying to eat now, but has difficulty chewing. I still wonder if she has a tooth root problem or jaw cancer. The infection is going down, at least. She howls half the day, wanting out of the bathroom badly! I finally put Bling, a.k.a. Zach, in there because he longs for a friend. She bumped into him suddenly however and swatted. She didn't know he was there!

I have been suffering from allergies, sneezing, congestion. I never had much trouble when living in Corvallis. This is allergy central with grass seed expanses that go for miles and Albany is surrounded by these on all sides. Last year I got the usual tickle in my throat and drainage down the back half the spring but this year, it's been worse. I hear pollen counts all over the US are far higher this year.

I am hoping Stinod makes a full recovery. She has 11 days to go on Baytril. Her tongue is not hanging out today, which means her mouth is not as sore and that is a good sign.

I do think I see a puncture wound entry point now on her cheek, where the abscess may have begun.

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