Saturday, April 24, 2010

Six Cats Caught. Make that Eight Cats Caught.

I went out to help on another colony tonight. Wasn't going to trap, but I couldn't help myself. The situation was out of control and needed contained immediately.

So, the other woman, who had tried to help, and got six fixed so far, who all need homes, and I came back and I got the drop trap and some live traps and we went back. I didn't catch the one very very pregnant torti. (UPDATE: yes I did catch her)

There's another orange and white, who allegedly just had kittens. There are many other females. I caught a lactating calico the woman said had babies only a few days ago, in the briars somewhere and sure enough, she was lactating, so I let her go.

I caught a neighbors unfixed male, but she agreed to him being fixed. Some other neighbors marched over with their unfixed calico in a carrier and I said I would pick her up tomorrow night and they said "great".

It was wild and wooly!

I drop trapped a big black male and little teenage torbical. The male was hard to transfer out of the drop trap.

Then the big hairy long hair owned black tux, caught him in a live trap.

Then I drop trapped a big dominant gray and white male.

Then I drop trapped a mostly white calico who is the mom of six teens, now tame and fixed, inside the woman's house who need out of there and into homes a.s.a.p.

After that, I drop trapped that calico who was lactating and turned her loose.

Then I caught a little black and white, with a solid white dead eye, who probably needs that removed. It's just a teenager.

Six cats and I called it a night. There are lots more needing caught and two females already with kittens and one about to have them, that big classic torti.

The woman who owns the black tux long hair, has another unfixed male and a pregnant unfixed female, but barely pregnant, was in heat only days ago, but she won't let me get her fixed. Darn it. Too many kittens right there in a tiny area.

But, I've got at least three dominant males trapped which sure will help and a female who hasn't had kittens yet, at least, not that I know of, and the little female torbical and the dead eye teen. And they just called me, to say, another black cat is in the trap I left set. Good deal, man! This is getting taken care of fast, just the way I like to do things.

And when I went to get the second black cat, I caught the pregnant classic torti.

That I know of: one more black, two more calicos, one buff full tail female, one buff short tail female, a black and white female, who is tame and was abandoned by neighbors, a gray tabby tux female, also abandoned by neighbors, a uniquely colored young torti, then the two mothers, an orange and white, and the calico, and then their kittens, if any survive, which, the woman who feeds them, says is rare, due to raccoons and worms and people killing them. So, quite a few left to get in.

I don't think this torti will last til Monday. I think she will have her kittens. The last thing on earth I want is to take on more kittens. I can't afford it. I just can't.

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