Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fix Hopping

Below are photos of the three boys fixed today. The photos don't do them justice, especially the two Siamese. While waiting for their owner to get home from work, the boys lounged, purring their heads off, in my car. They're so sweet!

I coined the term fix hopping to describe the circumstances where fixing one group of cats, leads to fixing another, then another.

It was the sister of a woman who lives off Berlin road who told the Cow Colony farmer about me. She overheard him talking about the cats in his barn at the vet clinic. I got about 16 cats fixed at her sister's place.

So, she calls me from that vet clinic and hands the phone off to him. We make arrangements and the nine cats in his barn are now fixed. But, he has a daughter who loves cats. She has four or five indoor pets, all fixed, then feeds five strays outside. They are tame and the result of a couple of Siamese, who show up with their kittens, then leave, leaving some of the kittens there. Many of the Siamese's kittens would die, after a week of diarrhea. It's been tough on her. She finally got the two females fixed, of the five still there, (kittens of the Siamese mothers) but had not had the money to fix the three boys (also kittens of the Siamese moms who show up then mysteriously vanish). So they went up today and were fixed.

But, when she was searching down the third boy, I spotted a white cat two houses down and told her, thinking it was him. She went down there, and low and behold, there were both the Siamese females, who bring sick kittens to her place, and the mothers of all five of the outside cats she feeds. She told that man he needed to get his five unfixed cats fixed, and gave him my number. He has not called. I hope he does. She's really fed up. I guess the prolific Siamese female has a new litter and another cat, the white one I saw, is very pregnant.

So that is Fix Hopping, jumping along from one place to another, with the previous place having referred me to the next.

Oh, and three beautiful boys were fixed today. Two are Siamese and one is black and white.

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